How does it work?

MyPlanner.Dealer is a comprehensive program supporting one- and multi-brand car dealerships. It is software for the automotive industry, which maywork for both huge companies with multiple departments and smallgarages.


MyPlanner.Dealer consists of several modules that may be used asneeded, depending on the size of the garage, or that may support thewhole dealership as a suite. The program is involved in the qualityservice process dedicated to the proactive reception of the customerat the front desk of the garage.


MyPlanner.DWE is dedicated for mechanical service garages.


  • Activecustomer appointment process
  • Planningof the timing of car receipt/release by the consultant
  • Follow-downand follow-up functions: contacts before and after the service
  • Welcomescreen – information displayed on the screen about the receipttime, station, and dedicated consultant
  • Thewelcome screen contains a scrolling advertising banner of the garagemodified online
  • Theinformation on the welcome screen is generated automatically
  • Marketingscreen – showing pricelists, promotional offers, pictures andvideos
  • Tab– information about the current promotional offers
  • Mechanicwork and equipment use planning
  • Mechanicaljob status changes
  • Possibilityof quality assessment validation for completed jobs
  • Garageworkload statistics
  • Replacementcar use planning
  • Planningwashing after the service in the car wash
  • Planningthe tyre hotel work
  • Workplanning calendar for all the staff
  • Thecalendar automatically completes information in the other planners
  • Directcommunications with the website
  • Visitand training calendar
  • Operationmaintenance: equipment and Technical Supervision Authority (UDT) testplanning


  • Integratedcustomer texting
  • Emailcommunications with customers
  • Roadworthinesstesting, F&I, and showroom marketing
  • Garagemarketing planning
  • Customerfolder imports from the DMS
  • Procedurehelp
  • Jobdetail exports to the DMS
  • Jobmonitoring
  • Callcentre – follow-up
  • Potentialand resource use analysis


MyPlanner.DBL– dedicated for garages with body shops. The module has all thefunctions included in MyPlanner.DWE.


  • Consultantwork and expert visit planning
  • Listof garage jobs
  • Bodyshop workload monitoring
  • Onlinequality assessment
  • Repairstatus monitoring
  • Repairpayment monitoring
  • Pendingjob bank
  • Jobarchive
  • QRcode, car marking printer
  • Personnelwork schedule
  • Carrental planning

MyPlanner.HO– tyre hotel


  • Customervisit planning
  • Tyredeposit receipt printing
  • Depositmonitoring – folders with technical tyre test results
  • Codelabel printing for tyres
  • Mobiletexting
  • Personnelwork schedule
  • Fortyre service garages and businesses


  • Testdrive planning
  • Newcar release planning
  • Salespersonjob planning
  • Insurancemarketing
  • Marketingcampaigns – mass customer texting
  • QRcode printer for cars offered for sale


  • Roadworthinesstest calendar
  • Mobiletext notifications
  • Personnelwork planning


  • Administrativepersonnel work planning
  • Productionpersonnel work planning
  • Trainingschedule
  • Visitdiary
  • Operationmaintenance: Technical Supervision Authority test and audit planning

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